Layer 7® API Days

CA MENA 2020

live event Series - tuesdays, October 13-20-27

It is an exciting time to work with APIs where lots of recent developments are revolutionizing the way we do business. We look forward to seeing you at our live event - Layer7 API Days CA MENA 2020 where we will provide you with insights into some of our latest innovations.

Live Webinar

Introducing Continuous API Management with Layer7 & Automic Automation


October 13

13:00 aST - 14:00 gST

This webinar aims at showcasing the continuous API management solution from Broadcom powered by Layer7 & Automic Automation. The continuous API Management covers the whole automated SDLC process involved in the full lifecycle API Management from planning, creating, testing, securing, publishing, managing & monitoring your APIs & Microservices.


  • Introduction on Layer7 API Management & Automic Automation

  • Overview of Continuous API Management

  • Automating the whole SDLC process of API Management with built-in CI/CD integrations

  • Demo

  • Q&A

Live Webinar

Innovation and Enhanced Customer Experience through Open Banking:

A New Era of Finance in MENA


October 20

13:00 aST - 14:00 gST

Open banking, although around for a few years now, is still a fairly new concept to most, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In this webinar we will cover how open banking is changing the finance world, discuss the trends and regulations. You'll have the chance to look into how open banking is being practiced in other regions through real-life use cases, followed by a demo session with your experts at APIIDA.



  • Introductions from APIIDA and CA MENA

  • The Changing Business of Banking, New Trends and Regulatory Pressures

  • The New Banking Platform and Unlocking the Potential of New Business Models

    • Use Cases from real projects and customers

  • A Model for Digital Transformation: 3 fundamental steps

  • Demo: Introducing Layer7 API Management 

  • Q&A

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Live Webinar

Layer7 Continuous API Management:

An Overview, What’s New & What’s Ahead


October 27

13:00 aST - 14:00 gST

This webinar provides a brief overview of continuous API management covering the full SDLC and why it's a crucial component of any API strategy, discuss the up-to-date feature set enabling - a modern API Developer Experience, multi-cloud and broad platform support, operational excellence in achieving scale, what's new in Layer7 API Management, why it is more exciting now than ever, and what's ahead.


  • An Overview: Continuous API Management and SDLC

  • Building a solid API strategy

  • Layer7 API Management - what's new?

  • Live Demo Session

  • Q&A